Stain-free Carpeting is no longer an Oxymoron

Stain-free Carpeting is no longer an Oxymoron

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People in the flooring business are true animal lovers – in fact if we had our way we would give away a free puppy with every carpet order!  (snare drum, cymbal crash)  Hahahaha! Get it?  haha ah that one always kills  at the flooring convention…cuz you see um puppies make messes on the carpet and…um-okay you got it, you just don’t find it too funny huh?  Yeah, we get that a lot.

We love our pets – they are cute and they give us unconditional love.  We also love red wine, we like yellow mustard on our hot dogs, our kids will only drink the bright blue Gatorade, aaaand sometimes our beloved pet gets the flu and barfs bright yellow bile on the carpet and while frantically trying to get the dog outside we knock over our glass of red wine (don’t judge) and little Billy’s dinner of a mustard covered hot dog and neon blue Gatorade.  What do you do then?  You go get paper towels of course!  Congratulations, you managed to smear it all together and it looks worse, so you go to the Home Center and rent the shampoo machine for $60 which did replace the puke smell with a weird industrial smell which is kind of better, but the stain is still there.  You give up and call in the professional cleaners and after $150 it looks great!  For a month, and then the stain comes back because it soaked into the padding underneath. Now you are mad.  You spent a lot of money on this carpet that is supposedly the “master of stains”, and it stains like crazy!  You grab your receipt for the carpet and grab the warranty brochure so you can call those people and quickly see that the warranty doesn’t cover yellow mustard or red wine.

But that’s what you get when you buy carpeting right?  we like the softness of it, we like it’s warmth,-but eventually Rover is going to hurl on it and that is that.  We agree.  This pretty much was the case with carpet for the longest time.  You see most high quality carpet was almost exclusively made of a type of fiber called BCF Nylon.  Nylon fiber starts out with no color, the color of the carpet is dyed into the fiber, and then a variety of  “stain-proof stuff is applied to the carpet to help it block the fiber from doing what it is designed to do, take a stain. Seems like a flawed process doesn’t it?  Why not just make the fiber itself stain proof?  In actuality there always has been that type of fiber, its called Olefin and polyester and it has the color of the carpet blended into the fiber through and through and it is pretty much stain proof.  The problem was that the fiber was thick, rough, and oily feeling to the touch; it also didn’t have very good durability and tended to flatten out.

Do not despair, I have good news! They finally figured it out.  check this out-

SmartStrand Challenge

and this:

Shaw and Anso Nylon world record pie fight

Fiber manufacturers like Dupont and Anso have spent giant piles of money to overcome these deficiencies in their fibers and the premiere manufacturers like Mohawk, Shaw and Beaulieu have incorporated them into beautiful, incredibly soft, extremely durable stain Proof carpeting.  Spill some iodine and try to clean it with bleach on your new SmartStrand carpet? No problem – heck, if your house gets invaded by a herd of Rhinos for two weeks you are gonna be good to go.

And that business about the stain proof carpet fibers being rough and oily? Not any more – in fact the top of the line, premiere cream of the crop lines of carpeting are now made with these new fibers and they are the softest most luxurious carpets you will ever see.  check these out:

SmartStrand Silk ultra-luxurious carpeting


Shaw Caress ultra-luxurious carpeting

oh and

Wear Dated Embrace

So to sum it all up, There are now tons of carpets available in thousands of looks that have all of the awesomeness- with no downside.  None.  Remember the Rhinos?  You still don’t believe me right? OK fine, I will make you a deal.  I never get comments, my empty comment box mocks me.  I will send the first 10 people who post on here  —> a free SmartStrand Silk sample, and you can try and stain it yourself.  Deal?

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