Flooring installation


Your flooring installation with Your Flooring Warehouse

Your Flooring Warehouse is a family business committed to bringing the best flooring installation to your family. Families aside, Your Flooring Warehouse has a trained force of installers ready to implement their motto “The installer will be there tomorrow.”

What you will get is an installation that is invisible. You don't come to Your Flooring Warehouse for the installation; you come for a beautiful floor. The installation is the process that brings that floor to your home. That does not mean that installation is unimportant, because it is the infrastructure that maintains the flooring in place.

Your Floor Warehouse has grown the way it has because we have superior products in terms of flooring and work performed. Our installation team members keep up their skills by attending workshops and clinics offered by manufacturers and trade organization.

Preparing for your flooring's installation

The Your Flooring Warehouse's promise of “The installer will be there tomorrow,” catches some people short. If you're not ready for that fast a turnaround, we will schedule the installation at your convenience. Here are some tips to getting your space ready for installation, if you need help with any of them, let us know:
  • Arrange to be at home during the installation, occasions arise where you may need to make a decision
  • Keep children and pets away from the work areas and the work vehicles, we have enough children and pets, we don't need any stowaways
  • Clear the furniture and any appliances out of the installation site; remember to have propane or natural gas appliances disconnected and reconnected by a professional
  • Set up an area close to the installation as a work area
  • Power, lighting and access to water are needed; keep the temperature above 65



We're here to help

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The installation

Your installation crew will arrive on time, ready to work. When they have finished, you will walk through the installation to inspect it. We don't consider your installation complete until you are 100 percent satisfied.

Stop by our showroom-warehouses in Sarasota, Tampa, New Port Richey or Saint Petersburg to check out our inventory, and learn more about our installation services.
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