Hellooooo? Is there anyone here?? Hellooooo???

Hellooooo? Is there anyone here?? Hellooooo???

Who hasn’t been THAT guy at some point.

A nice afternoon get’s interrupted by a trip to… THE HOME CENTER. (thunder in background)

This is a trip of necessity – You just ran over yet another sprinkler head, your child just flushed a houseplant, the flux-capacitor on your air conditioner just exploded, whatever. You gotta make the trek to the Home Center, and you dread it. But Why? Hahahahahahaha (snort) hahaha…ohhh, I couldn’t keep a straight face, sorry. Here are a few reasons:

It is smack in the middle of the busiest part of town and you know you are going to be fighting traffic the whole way.

The parking lot is a demilitarized zone; You not only have to “Drive Ugly” to get a spot, but you have to be watchful for the cursed run away cart. You ever get your car whacked by one of those 600lb lumber carts? I have, not cool.

Once inside you discover they have rearranged the entire store. This happens every time. They must think its funny, first seeing you with that stupid look on your face.

You can’t get help. This one gets talked about a lot of course, I’ll spare you. Watch the video again if you like.

you now have to explain to your wife why you came home with a sprinkler head, and a $200 chop saw with laser guide and ultra comfort handle.

Why do we put up with it? We want to take advantage of their volume buying savings, right? Cheapest game in town, right? biggest selection, right?


Why? check your 401k. All of these big home center chains are publicly traded companies. Their fortunes are tied to the price of their stock. Let’s just say that their corporate office decides it wants to go after market share more aggressively, and the best way to do this is to temporarily lower their profit margin. What kind of reaction do you think Wall Street will have to them making less money? They dump the stock, share price plummets, CEO gets fired, etc. These guys are not going to do anything to decrease profits, and will do EVERYTHING to increase them, all the while employing marketing techniques that make you THINK you are saving a bundle.

I know, long enough already Yo, so here’s the tease. I’m going to show you in detail some of the most common deceptions put in place, and how you can spot them.

Stay tuned…

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