Damaged Tile Floor

Do you have a damaged tile floor you want repaired? Unless you have spare pieces from the original lot purchased, you may not be able to fix your damaged tile floor. Many people have tried this only to find that the new tile they thought would match, sticks out worse than the damage. This is because tile is constantly changing. New designs are created once the old designs have run their course. That means different color mixtures and coatings are applied which make it very difficult to match old tile exactly.

If you get lucky and find the maker and style online, there is still a good chance it may not match. Dye lots and glazing can be slightly different even if the formula and application are identical.

With some tile costing as little as 99 cents a sq. ft. replacing the tile may be the best option to keep your floor in good condition. Tile is very durable, so a damaged tile floor is usually caused by other factors, not the tile. The material for the subflooring and improper installation is the usual cause for the damage. Tiles purchased through established retail lines (Your Flooring Warehouse) comply with ANSI and ASTM testing standards, which means they can take a blow and not crack. This is why in most cases, it is not the tile, but the subflooring that needs to be replaced to avoid further damage. Replacing the tile floor by having it properly installed is important and necessary to avoid future damage.

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