Well wasn't that fun...NOT.

If you are a resident of Florida the past couple of days you likely have been focused on things like rainfall totals and Klystron 9 radar images.  Why?

WATER.  As Floridians, we are surrounded by it,  and as a general rule we are big fans.  Swimming, boating, fishing, all awesome -But, on occasion we get a little too much of a good thing.   Our new friend Tropical Storm Debby has been a painful reminder to us all that it really doesn't take much "extra" water for things to get weird in a hurry.  Just ask the guy who has to post a no wake sign in his driveway, or the lady who has to shoo an alligator out of her screen enclosure.

Which got me thinking - If I were to name the one big flooring issue that people have in Florida, it has got to be the moisture problem.  Yep, Water - when there is too much in your floors, things get weird quick too.

Okay, like I said in the last post I'm going to take a time out from exposing the tricks of the trade (too depressing) and spend some time doing a series of posts on flooring issues that no Floridian should have to learn the hard way: Moisture + Flooring = BAD.  Now there is a a lot to go over here, and I want  to get it right, so I am going to break it up a bit so it isn't a total snoozefest.  My first post (tomorrow hopefully) will be about the subfloor that most of us have - the Concrete slab.