We could use a little advice.

We could use a little advice.

Let’s be honest – we’ve all gotten some hard advice, probably uninvited, that we later wished we had listened too.

Personally I’ve had plenty of those moments, in fact if I had listened during just  one of those moments I wouldn’t be currently trying to unload  an alpaca farm in Wisconsin – do you have any idea how much a freaking alpaca eats??  And the vet bills! There are like two vets in the whole state who will even be in the same zip code as one of those foul tempered gas bags and who besides yourgrandmaevenwearsoneofthosestupidsweatersanyway – (Cleansing breath) Okay, I know, cant make it about me all of the time, besides that dude on Craig’s List really seems interested soooo moving on!-

Okay here is what I’m getting at in this post.  Don’t you wish you could give certain businesses or industries some helpful advice?  Don’t you wish that there was a business or industry that actually took advice?  well here we are, a small chain of flooring stores in Tampa Bay that quite genuinely wants your advice. Why?  Because we know that the flooring retail industry is behind the times, and buying flooring is never described as “easy” or “fun”.  We know that there are likely lots of things that we could be doing better, but more importantly we want to find out the things we need to be doing differently.  Completely differently.

If you are a homeowner you likely have purchased some flooring at some point – you went to the home center, you called the 1-800 guy, you tried the fancy pants place, whatever, you have an experience under your belt.  we want you to now take that experience and chuck it out your mental window-


Over the last ten years or so we have seen businesses and sometimes entire industries get turned over and dumped on their head – because some dude came along with an idea of how to do it better.  Remember Blockbuster?  Frankly we don’t want to be “blockbuster-ed”, we want to be that “dude”.