Ah the signs of spring! Flowers blooming, grass growing. And the inevitable return of the $39 whole house install” scam. Here is a post from the archive that breaks it down for you


In my last post I talked about how The major national chain stores were publicly traded entities and they were bound by their shareholders to maintain a certain level of profits, remember? So If you are a CEO muckity muck of one of these places, you have a bit of a problem to solve.  How do you get customers in the door, and how do you make them feel like they were getting a great deal when in actuality you charge them full boat prices.  One of the most tried and true practices they use to solve this is by using a technique best described as “The Shell Game”.  Here are a few you will likely recognize:

“Buy one room of carpet, get 3 rooms free!”

“Free padding upgrade!”

“entire house installation for just $39.00!”

Two questions – Do they think you’re stupid? …and why are they shouting?


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