Yep.  We have all been there -

You innocently walk onto the lot,  just curious about new car prices, perhaps you wanted to see that Camaro up close, and suddenly you get that feeling creeping up the back of your neck....that feeling, like you were being watched.

Before you know it, you are shaking hands with HIM.  The USED CAR SALESMAN.  He's sporting the full package - the dated sport coat, nugget ring on both pinkies, two tone shades, racing form being used as a sun visor as he sizes you up.  ....And then there's you - Deer in the headlights, not wanting to be rude but suddenly not wanting to be in the same zip code as this guy, you contemplate gnawing your arm off and running.

Flash forward 30 minutes later; you are on your way home, driving your new(ish) car off the lot, wondering what that thumping noise is, wondering what you will say to your wife.  You are not sure, but you think you just got robbed- heck, you suddenly realize you may have also bought a timeshare in Belize.

No one wants to be the Rube, no one wants to be the Mark.

And no one wants one of these high pressure salespeople in their home; but that is what is happening to someone right now.  I promised you guys I would be your friend in the flooring business so let my first real post be about the "shop at home" scam.  You watch the commercial, you memorize the jingle, you call because you like the idea of seeing the samples quickly, and in your own home.  Let me be clear, this is not about comfort, it is not about convenience; it is about getting to you to sign a contract and write a check before you have a chance to see if you are getting a good deal.  The person you are inviting to your home is what is known in our profession as a "hard closer".  He is an independent contractor who is supplied flooring samples and he is supplied sales leads.  To keep his job  he must get a contract on one of every three sales leads he is given - if he wants to eat, he must get a check from you.  He is grinning at you, but in his head he repeats over and over ABC, Always-Be-Closing.

My advice to you is simple.  Don't let him in.  Shopping at home is for Amazon and Netflix, not for flooring.  It may be an inconvenience to go to your local flooring store (ABL - Always Buy Local, just sayin') but the advantages are huge.  You are in charge, you can shop around for the best deal, you go with whomever you want, when you want; and as an added bonus you get to see the entire selection the store has to offer.  And here is the Mantra you are going to hear over and over on these posts - Google them.  Google searches are your best tool to find out the reputation of a dealer BEFORE you even step foot in the door.

Does anyone have a good "used car saleperson" story?  Share it here in our comments section -(C'mon, we've all been there, right?)